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Up​grade of Agency Agreement Package

About upgrading

If you are selling a residential or lifestyle property you are able to upgrade the agency agreement package you selected upfront at any time before the sale of the property goes unconditional by completing the upgrade form on this page.  If however you wish to upgrade when your agency agreement is up for renewal, you only have to complete the Renewal of Agency Agreement Form. 

If you are on an Economic Sole Agency package, you can upgrade to a Partnership Sole Agency or a Deluxe Sole Agency.  If you are on a Partnership Sole Agency, you can upgrade to a Deluxe Sole Agency.   

Fees paid upfront is non-refundable, even if you upgrade to a package with a smaller upfront fee, but the whole upfront fee you have paid will be subtracted from the final professional fee payable on sale and you will only be liable for the difference. 

If you have listed your property under a General Agency Agreement and wish to move to a Sole Agency Agreement package, we will ask you to complete the Renewal of Agency Agreement form and indicate which Sole Agency package you wish to upgrade to.  If you upgrade from a General Agency Agreement to a Sole Agency Agreement package you will be asked to pay the difference in upfront fees before your upgrade will take effect.

Downgrading is unfortunately not allowed due to the variance in marketing package costs and effort salespeople already committed to the sale of the property.



Request to upgrade my Agency Agreement Package

My/our request to upgrade the agency agreement package relates to the property currently listed at:*

Full legal name and surname (as per the title of the property) of all legal owners of this property:*

Name and Surname of person submitting this upgrade request*

Contact phone number*

Email address*

What is the reason for your upgrade request?*

This property is currently listed under the following agency agreement package*

Select an option

The legal owners of this property wish to instruct Haze Realestate to upgrade our current agency agreement package to a*

Select an option

All legal owners of the above mentioned property has reviewed and agree to the terms and conditions of the package we wish to upgrade to *

Thanks for submitting!

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