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The Haze Way

Purple signifies us because it is:

  • a complex colour, made up of all the best of others

  • at the top of the rainbow reaching for the sun

  • a variety of beautiful shades, just like us

  • calm and confident

  • different and brave

  • reserved for royalty ...

Our Vision

To be the market leading real estate business in the areas we work.

Our Mission

To achieve superb outcomes for our clients.

Our Values

Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Evolutionary and Adaptability, Pro activity, Family and Whanau.


Respect for our clients, customers, colleagues and self is central to the way we operate.  


We adhere to the legislation and rules that govern our industry.  We do exactly what we said we would do. 


We pride ourselves on our professionalism and work ethic.  We work smart and hard for our clients.

Evolve and Adapt

We are bold leaders when it comes to adapting to new and better ways.  We are constantly improving our knowledge, skills and technology to the benefit of our clients.


Experience and knowledge enables us to plan and execute a proven methodology to achieve success.  We know every curve in the road and can guide our clients safely.

Family and Whanau

We value our personal and work families.  Our work family is a group of amazing like-minded, hard working people who truly care about each other and their clients.

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