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Prepare your property for sale

First impressions can substantiate your asking price or devalue your home

Human nature is a funny thing, but we cannot ignore it.  When a prospective buyer stops at your home to view it for the first time, he/she will make a judgement call on whether or not they see a value proposition, within the first 3 - 5 seconds.  If your home, at first glance, does not "warrant" your asking price, you have a problem, even if it's fantastic inside, your buyer is already doubting before coming inside.

Go stand in the street or up the driveway and take a range of photographs of what your prospective buyer will see when they first approach your home.  Review these photos in detail and let others also give you feedback and point out areas that could be improved.  This is hard, but necessary to ensure the first impressions of your potential buyers substantiates your asking price.

No cash for marketing or getting your property in tip top shape?  No problem!

Real Estate Funders is an organisation who helps with providing assistance to market your property and cover the costs of getting your property looking spic and span to achieve the best possible price.  

Visit their website via the button below, to learn more. 

The Garden

You don't have to have a professionally landscaped garden, but it must be neat and maintained.  

Make sure every inch of it is maintained and left overs from the last DIY projects removed!

Make sure sheds and outside entertainment areas are in great shape too.

The Home Outside

Even an old home can look great!  Clean the roof, make sure the gutters are clean and well attached, water blast the outside and if you can, give it a fresh coat of paint.  

Dirty pathways, spiderwebs and dirty windows is an absolute no no. Make sure all buildings on the property present clean and tidy.

The Home Inside

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter!  Furnish each space to show it's  purpose and size.  Furnish your home like it's a motel - neutral and comfortable without all the personal collections and photos.  The buyer must be able to "see" themselves living there.  Clean and tidy is always a winner!

You are going to move, so start packing

To de-clutter might be a challenge if you don't have good storage space.  Start packing, you are moving anyway.  Pack as much as you can and remember, prospective buyers will peek into your linen cupboard so make sure everything is not just dumped in there!  Rent a storage container or put the packed boxes neatly in your garage.  

The Neighbours

Make sure your neighbours know you are selling.  More often than not a neighbour might have been admiring your home and will consider buying it.  Alternatively their guests might be interested.  The more people who know, the more likely you will be to find your buyer sooner rather than later.  Neighbours also appreciate forewarning of possible increased traffic due to viewings or open homes.

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