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About Selling

REA Guidelines

The Real Estate Authority in New Zealand have excellent guides for those planning to sell.  Please find these guides by following the links:

The Agency Agreement Guide

The Sale and Purchase Guide

Anti Money Laundering

The update to the Anti Money Laundering legislation in New Zealand requires Real Estate professionals to perform Client Due Diligence on all clients.   Please find more information via the link:  The Act

The Agency Agreement

The Agency Agreement you will sign, is a legally binding contract and it is important that you understand the terms and conditions of this agreement.  Learn more about ithere.

The Sale and Purchase Contract

Similar to the Agency Agreement, the Sale and Purchase contract you sign, is a legally binding contract.  This contract can be complicated and filled with legal jargon.  It is important that you consult your solicitor before entering into this contract.  Learn more about it here.

Disclosure and Vendor Warranties

It is your legal obligation, as the owner of the property, to disclose all knowledge you have, or which can be legally argued you should have had, of the property and surrounding area to your appointed real estate sales person.  Non-disclosure can land you in hot water and even make any signed sale and purchase agreement null and void.  The same goes for the "vendor warranties" clause in the sale and purchase contract.  If you can't warrant something, make sure it is clearly excluded from the contract.  Your real estate sales person will assist you with this.

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