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Details of your offer to purchase

What information is required?

The form below will guide you through the range of information required by the real estate sales person to prepare the official Sale and Purchase Agreement document.  Once the document is ready, it will be presented to you for review and signing.

It is important to understand that by submitting this form, you guarantee that the information provided is accurate and complete.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact the sales person whom you are dealing with.

Before submitting your offer details, please make sure you read the REA Guide relating to the Sale and Purchase Agreement, and our in-house complaints procedure.

Please complete the form with the details of your offer to purchase

The full address of the property you want to purchase*

Please select the sales person you are dealing with*

Purchaser/s Full Legal Name

Full physical address of the Purchaser/s

Purchaser/s preferred phone number*

Purchaser/s email address*

Your solicitor's name and company*

What is the sum of money you are offering for this property?*

What percentage deposit are you able to pay?*

If you have selected "Other" above, please detail your offer of deposit.

Do you require finance to purchase this property?*

If Finance is required, please select your preferred time frame for this to be approved

Are you using Kiwisaver funds for the deposit?*

Please select your preferred settlement date (date when balance of the purchase price is normally paid and you take possession of the property).*

Settlement date "Other" - please specify

Please select all the options you wish included as conditions to your offer?*

Additional clauses

Is your offer GST IncIusive?

Thanks for submitting!

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