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Property Manager
John Hunter

I joined the team in July 2020, coming from a retail background with 14yrs experience in the outdoor / leisure area. And whilst some would argue that retail is vastly different from property management, I'm finding that the things that give me enjoyment in my job remain the same.

I am a fully qualified Property Manager having attained the NZCertRPM (Level 4) in May 2022 through the Skills Organisation. I am one of very few property managers in the Far North who holds this nationally recognised qualification. In November 2022, I was offered the opportunity to purchase the property management franchise under Haze Real Estate. I completed the purchase in December 2022 and have never looked back!


"Customer satisfaction" has always been top of my list, both owners and tenants require a level of engagement and communication that leaves them feeling like they are being heard and well looked after. I love the Far North and I don't think I could ever trade it back for city life. I have lived up
here for 24years and not once have I regretted my decision to move North, Who would? When not working you may well find me on a beach somewhere with a rod in hand or taking a relaxing stroll around one of the local golf courses. So, if you're considering management of your investment property or needing advice, and want the best service on offer, don't hesitate to contact me. 


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