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The Agency Agreement

Legally binding contract

An agency agreement is a legally binding contract between the legal owners of a property and the real estate company.  The sales person has the authority to act on behalf of the company they represent when entering into the agency agreement. 

The vendors are advised to seek legal advice before signing any legally binding agreement.

There are 3 main sections to complete.  The first will ask you a range of questions about the legal owners of the property. This will include all individuals, trusts and companies who are named on the title of the property.  

The second section will ask you questions about the property you would like to list and the last section will deal with all the contractual arrangements and the specific agency agreement package you have selected. 

If you have any questions about this form or the information required, please contact the salesperson you are working with,

Online Listing Form

Electronic signing of this form is available. Select the "Save and Continue later"option and email the link to all those who should sign the form.

Please ensure you have read the REA Guide - Agency Agreement before submitting your listing form

Please ensure you have read the REA Guide relating to the Sale and Purchase Agreement before signing a contract.

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