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Step 1:  Prospecting

Prospecting is all about planning and communication - all sorts of communication.  If your prospective clients don't know who you are and what you can offer them, you won't get their business.

There are three major levels to effective prospecting: 

Brand Awareness

As a company we promote the brand through a number of marketing avenues.  We offer annual, seasonal and monthly promotions and events; we have a robust referral programme in place and we actively market the brand through social media on a regular basis.  

Our brand standards ensure that our brand is recognized wherever we advertise, regardless if it is at brand, salesperson or property level.

Brand Trust and Appeal

Trust in the brand is earned by professional, consistent, quality service and satisfied clients and customers.  When the brand is respected and trusted, it has appeal.  There are many trusted and respected real estate brands in our market place and therefore, it is important to understand our point of difference.  What do we offer our clients that the other brands don't?  We offer flexibility, unique ways of working with us, value for money and we are easy to work with because everything they need to know and do, is online - available 24/7.

It is important to remember that every staff member, regardless of role either contributes to building brand trust and appeal or contributes to breaking it down.  

Choosing which salesperson to work with

When choosing which salesperson to work with, most clients want to be sure they are working with someone who is a specialist in their area. and asset type.  Our profile descriptions provide an overview of who we are and what qualifies us as a "specialist".  It is hard writing a good profile description, but it is critically important so your prospective clients have the knowledge to know you are a good choice.  We publish testimonials, because it provides external validation to the fact that we are good at what we do.  Be sure to clearly present your own personal brand messaging on all your marketing material.  A catchy tag-line works great. 

So how do we prospect

Prospecting is a multi-prong process.  If you do just one thing, it just won't build your business.  The following provides some ideas of what all should be included in your prospecting programme:

Prospecting Resources

Summary Steps

  • Complete Business Plan

  • Study Farming Area Stats

  • Develop Prospecting Plan

  • Profile description updated

  • Testimonials uploaded

  • Personal brand and core messages well defined and on all marketing material

  • Marketing material comply to brand standards

  • Record responses against spend to calculate ROI

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