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Step 4: Marketing the property

The marketing elements will depend on the agency agreement package selected by the vendors.  

Residential and Lifestyle Agency Agreement Marketing Packages

Rural Agency Agreement Marketing Package

Commercial and Business Agency Agreement Marketing Packages

Professional Photography

All our marketing packages include professional photography   Video and house plans are not included by default, but can be done at the vendor's expense.  

Depending on where the property is located, contact a photographer that is located close by.  In Kaitaia/ Mangonui area contact Celia first and if she is unable to assist, contact Csilla and then Graham Murphy.  In Hokianga, contact Csilla first and if she is unable to assist, contact Celia and then Graham.  

If you engage a photographer, please ensure that you stay well within the budget allocated to each agency agreement package: The vendor / you will be invoiced for any costs over and above the amounts listed below.

  • Deluxe Sole Agency $280 + GST

  • Partnership Sole Agency $280 + GST

  • Economic Sole Agency $200 + GST

  • General Agency $200 + GST

  • Rural Sole Agency $280 + GST

  • Commercial Property Sole Agency $200 + GST

  • Business Sole Agency $200 + GST

  • Commercial Property and Business Combination Sole Agency $200 + GST

Photo Sign boards

Contact Office Support once you have received the photos and order your photo signboard. 

  • Pick the sign template you would like to use. (Photo Signboard layouts is in the resources panel). The only difference between the templates are the number of photos.

  • Give clear instruction which photo you want in which space on the template.

  • Ensure you have your title and bullet points written, spell checked etc.  They will just be copied and pasted exactly as you have written it.

  • The timeline is critical and works as follows: Day 1 - you place your order; Day 2 - your draft design is produced and sent to you for approval;  Time lapse until approval is received - once final approval is received, it takes 3 days minimum to complete the print work as the drying process alone is at least 24 hours during which it cannot be touched.  Please make sure that you get your order perfect to avoid the backwards and forwards sending of design proofs to finalise the design.

  • Completed boards are picked up on a Monday in Kerikeri and brought to the various office locations during that week.  

  • NOTE;  Put a cor-flute sign up while you wait for your photo signboard!

Cor-flute signs

Every office has a stock available.  Ensure you order more if your office is running low.  Order from office support and give at least 2 week for delivery at your office.

Property Title and the Council Electronic Property File

Once your listing is signed and the upfront fees paid, please request Office Support to order these documents for you.  Once received, Office Support will download them into the filing cabinet of the property record.

Property Information e-book

Please request Office Support to put this together for you and provide all the information you wish to include in it.  

All online portals (Trademe,, Oneroof, etc)

Once you have drafted your heading and text in VaulRE on the property record and all your photos have been uploaded to VaultRE, you can request Office Support to push your listing online.  The salesperson is responsible to check all portals to ensure data is correct and loaded properly.


Salespeople must plan the Facebook campaign and provide all photos and script to Office Support who will post and boost the advertisements.  Your instructions to Office Support must include the age range, genders and area you wish to target as well as a budget for each advertisements.  Spread your campaign so that you can advertise at least 3 - 4 times on Facebook with the budget you have for the listing.

Consultation Session

If your vendors have signed up for the Partnership or Economic Sole Agency, you need to spend time with them explaining their obligation of disclosure and the process of answering inquiries and facilitating the viewing of the property.  It is critical that they keep a register of all individuals who have viewed the property, similar to what you would do at an open home.  They also have to keep signed copies of the hazard notification form completed for each viewing if there are any hazards on or in the property they should alert viewers to.  If there is an accident and someone is hurt they could be sued if they do not have the signed hazard acknowledgement form from that individual. 

Sell it yourself book

Once signed up for the Partnership or Economic Sole Agency, the vendors will receive the book either in hard copy or electronic as they prefer.  Each salesperson must ensure they have read this 30-odd page book and can explain it to their vendors if need be.  It has been written in plain language so it should be fairly easy to understand for vendors. 

Marketing Resources

Summary Steps

  • Contact Office Support to book the in-house photographer

  • Draft heading and script in VaultRE for online advertising

  • Provide photos and bullet points for photo signboard if applicable

  • Request Office Support to order the property title and electronic property file

  • Office Support will also produce the flyer and window card

  • Once all the information is available, work with Office Support to compile Property Information e-book, if applicable

  • Once the listing has been approved to go live by the Compliance Manager, notify Office Support to push it to the online portals

  • Design the Facebook advertisements and ensure they are with Office Support to publish them as per your marketing plan 

  • Ensure you have scheduled your consultation session with whomever is going to facilitate the viewings of the property, if applicable.

  • Ensure the vendor has their copy of the Sell it Yourself book, if applicable.

Please remember that floor and land size details can only be included in marketing if it has been verified by the salesperson on the Council property file and title.  If this data is not verified, all references to floor and land size must have "approximate" added.

Using data from Property Smarts and Guru is not allowed without "approximate" added, as it is often wrong and has lead to REA cases of misrepresentation against sales people. 

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