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Sell it Yourself eBook
Our sell-it-yourself book has been written by our principal agent Hazely Windelborn. As a company, we believe in adding value to the customer before the need to collect a commission. We are revolutionising the real estate industry and truly believe SOME owners have enough skill and time to sell their house themselves and save on commission. This book is designed to break the Sales process down step by step and help you to sell your property yourself. After reading the book you still aren't confident to sell it your self we have a couple of different packages that might help you save on commission. 

27 Empire Street, Kaitaia


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1

Double Garage

Floor  Area: 103 sqm

Land Area: 680 sqm

Nestled in lush greenery, this 3-bedroom family home offers a cozy and homely atmosphere on a generous 680m2 section...

3 Parnell Street, Rawene

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 6

Floor  Area: 160 sqm

Land Area: 618 sqm

THIS HISTORIC VILLA IN THE HEART OF RAWENE. BUILT FOR THE POST MASTER IN 1901 Sits proudly high on the hill above the commercial district and across the road from the Ferry landing..

21 Lake Road, Kaimaumau


Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

Floor  Area: 201 sqm

Land Area: 1416 sqm

This house located in Kaimaumau, is tucked away on a large 1416m2 section with glimpses of the ocean from two levels and gives the sense of privacy with the bonus of a coastal view and is in close proximity to the beach...


About Haze Real Estate

Haze Real Estate was established in 2019 after our principle Hazely Windelborn recognised the need for a real estate brand to be more personable and agile to meet the demands of a customer today. Consumer’s shopping habits have changed and are constantly evolving and as a result, those in business today need to be able to adjust and adjust rapidly. Although a big brand does bring some advantages, the result will also be from people. Get the right people, get the right result.

Here at Haze Real Estate we don’t have to get permission from big brother to do what needs to be done in todays changing environment. We have the latest systems and technology coupled with great customer service. We feel we can offer you an authentic Real Estate experience suited to the Far North lifestyle. Our motto is to offer a professional service in a personable but relaxed manner.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the industry we also have some of the youngest and newest personnel in real estate which helps keep us fresh but knowledgeable. Haze Real Estate is currently partnering with some of the local schools to provide experience and career opportunities for those that show potential. We are currently a small team that is growing but after being in the industry for many years we understand customer experience is paramount. The team have dealt with 1000’s of clients over the years which has allowed us to build a substantial database to maximise a result for our Vendors. With offices currently in Kaitaia, Mangonui, Rawene and Whangarei, being in real estate for as long as we have has also given us networks throughout the country that we work with. When deciding if Haze Real Estate is the company for you, just invite one of our professional staff over to show you why it is the right choice.


Our Office Locations


170 Commerce Street


09 408 1670 

Doubtless Bay

110 Waterfront Drive 


09 406 0211 


8 Parnell Street


0800 112 397


1a Robert Street


0800 112 397

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