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Change of Salesperson Request

We want to help if things don't go smoothly

Not all relationships are made in heaven and no matter how hard we try, sometimes we just don't get along or work together productively.  If this is the case, Haze Real Estate is happy to assist you with providing a different salesperson to handle the marketing and sale of your property.   As you have already invested in your listing with Haze, it's probably more sensible to switch salespeople, than companies.

 Please submit the form below to notify us in writing of your request and we will organise a handover to the new salesperson assigned to your listing.  

This form is confidential and will only be sighted by management, so please give us honest feedback that we can use for future staff development.

Request a different Haze salesperson

Your name and surname *

What is the best number to contact you on during business hours?*

Which Salesperson are you currently working with?*

What is the property address of the listed property?*

Tell us why you would like to change to another salesperson*

Do you have a preferred Salesperson you would like to work with?

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