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Love Local

Help us help our communities

We help our communities by doing what we do best ... our jobs!  Haze Real Estate offers organisations, clubs and schools the opportunity to receive a donation for each sole agency property listing referred to us and the subsequent sale thereof by a Haze Real Estate salesperson, where the organisation, club or school is nominated as the beneficiary of the donation. 

The donation in each case will be $250 per property listing referral sold and will be paid to the nominated organisation, club or school once the property transaction is settled. If the listing is withdrawn or not sold for any reason, no donation will be paid.


Submit your referral

Which organisation, club or school should receive the donation from the sale?*

Full address, including post code, of property to be sold*

Contact details of the person we can contact to start the property listing process*

Name and Surname of the person submitting this referral*

Email address of person submitting this referral*

Contact phone number for person submitting the referral*

Any additional information we should know?

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this referral programme*

Thanks for submitting!

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