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Deposit payment details

The sale is unconditional, how do I pay the deposit?

Once the purchaser's solicitor has confirmed, in writing, that the sale and purchase contract is unconditional, the deposit must be paid into the New Zealand Real Estate Trust account.  This is an independent trust account and not linked to the vendor or purchasers solicitors.  For more information about the New Zealand Real Estate Trust, feel free to contact them on 0800 895 180 or visit their website at

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Request a deposit reference number from Haze Real Estate by completing and submitting the request form below.

2. Once you have the correct reference number for your contract, please pay the deposit due, via internet banking or cheque payable to: Public Trust o/a New Zealand Real Estate Trust.  Please ensure that you add the correct payment details to your payment.  Payment details are available below.

Request contract reference for deposit

I request the Haze Real Estate contract reference number to pay the deposit on the unconditional contract*

Address of property being purchased*

Select the Haze Real Estate salesperson you are working with*

On which date was this sale and purchase contract unconditional?*

Please provide an email address *

Please provide a phone number at which you can be reached during business hours*

Thanks for submitting!

Real Estate Trust Account Details

Please enter all the fields exactly as you receive it from Haze Real Estate to ensure your payment can accurately be linked to the correct contract.

ASB Bank

Account Number:  12-3244-0026219-02

Particulars:  Purchasers name and surname

Code:  Address of property being purchased

Reference: 752 followed by 3 digit reference code received from Haze Real Estate.

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