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New Real Estate Salesperson Questionnaire


Thank you for your interest in joining our team.  

Please be so kind as to complete the following questionnaire to help us to get to know you a little better.   At Haze Real Estate we celebrate and encourage diversity in our team and thus whether you were born in New Zealander or not, will not have any beneficial or adverse influence on whether we  consider you an ideal candidate for our team.

Please note, this questionnaire asks some personal questions.  If you chose to complete it, please know that all responses will be handled according our extremely strict privacy policy and this information is only gathered and held for the purposes of recruitment and will be destroyed if an application is withdrawn or not appointed.  

Once we have reviewed your response to this questionnaire we will be in contact to let you know whether or not you have been shortlisted.  Only shortlisted candidates will be interviewed.  

Full Legal First Name/s*

Full Legal Last Name*

Your preferred name*

Email Address*

Phone number*

Your current residential address*

Once qualified, which of the following locations will be the closest to where you will live?*

Select an option

I can work in New Zealand, because*

Drivers license*

Drivers license number

I have my own transport *

Select an option

Once you have completed your studies and you apply for your Real Estate Salesperson License, the Real Estate Authority will conduct due diligence on you. This process includes a police clearance to ascertain if you have a criminal record. Please select the most appropriate option below.*

Select an option

Education - I have successfully completed*

If appointed, I can start on*

Do you prefer to work in an office or from home most of the time*

Select an option

Are you fluent (speaking, reading and writing) in any other language/s, other than English? If so, please specify which.*

How good are you with computers and smart phones*

I realise a Real Estate Salesperson has no income unless they sell a property. *

Select an option

I understand that I will have to pay for my course upfront which includes my course fee, registration (issued by the REA) and Academy fee. *

Select an option

I realise that I will be responsible to supply my own laptop and mobile phone and that these devices will have to be reasonably new to be able to operate the various applications and mobile apps required for me to complete my work.*

What do you think is the most exciting part of being a Real Estate Salesperson?*

What aspect of the job do you think might be the most challenging?*

Please tell us why you are considering becoming a Real Estate Salesperson?*

What are you doing at the moment to earn a living?*

Please supply at least 2 referees (work related, not family or friends), including a phone number and email address for each*

I understand that Haze Real Estate is a company with a public profile and that behaviour that can bring the brand into disrepute, such as drug use for example, will be grounds for immediate dismissal without compensation of any kind. *

I declare that the information supplied in this form is accurate and complete. *

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Our trainer will be in contact with you shortly to discuss next steps.

Thanks for submitting!

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