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Our forms and policies

Our Forms

Request a service

Access our online agency agreement form by following the link.  This form is a legally binding document and therefore can only be completed by the legal owners of a property or their authorised signatory.

Request an appraisal of your rental property you are considering renting out.  An appraisal is free and there is no obligation to sign with us if we have provided you with an appraisal.

When you renew your agency agreement, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your agency agreement package if you wish to. 

We make it easy for you to do business with us

Forms relating to the sale and purchase process

Provide the details so we can draft your offer to purchase.

Click the link to access the purchaser's multi-offer acknowledgement form.

Click the link to access more information about the conjunctional sale agreement and the request form.

Follow the link to detailed instructions regarding the payment of the deposit on an unconditional contract.

Our policies

Perfection is our aim

Our well-trained professional team aim to deliver the best real estate experience you have ever had.  We pride ourselves on our customer service as per the great feedback we receive from our clients and customers.  We are also just human and it might be that we don't always meet your expectations.  If we have let you down in any way, please let us know so we can learn from your feedback and do better next time.  Please find our feedback formshere.

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