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Marketing Techniques

Haze Real Estate is well-known for it’s market leading advances in property marketing and advertising.

Some of the techniques we utilise to present your property in the best possible way are:

  • Advertising on , and
  • Roadfront signage
  • Property alerts to our tenant database
  • Vibrant window displays and front-office T.V displays
  • Professional photography and videography

Tenant Vetting

The vetting process is absolutely crucial in Property Management and, in our opinion, is the most important stage of a rental property’s management.

We utilise a combination of vetting techniques from a variety of sources to ensure that the Tenant we choose is the right Tenant.

Our vetting process is methodical and stringent. A strict procedure is followed each and every time to ensure that only the best Tenants with the good rental history are placed in your asset.

Each and every Tenant goes through the same process which includes these checks:

  • Reference checking (employment, landlord and character)
  • illion tenancy check (formerly TINZ) New Zealand’s largest Tenant database
  • Multi-Bureau Credit checking with Veda, Baycorp and illion
  • Tribunal judgement checks
  • Criminal history, background checking and court judgements / insolvency
  • Rental Property Viewings

Regular and Comprehensive Inspections

Property Condition Reports
At the takeover of a property or entry of a new tenant we will provide you with a
comprehensive property condition report (PCR) that expertly details the current
condition of your rental investment.

The PCR will outline any recommended maintenance prior to a Tenant taking
possession of the property and any future legislative compliance issues such as
the Healthy Homes legislation that will require upgrades and installation.

In addition to the PCR report we will take a full video vlog of the property’s condition for our records.

The PCR comes at no additional cost to Landlords.

Routine Inspection Reports
After the first two weeks of a new Tenancy our Property Managers will conduct a routine inspection at the property. This is done to ensure that the new Tenants are settling nicely and that no issues have arisen.

Routine inspections then occur 3-monthly thereafter and Landlords are given the
opportunity (should they wish to take it) to attend the inspection with the Property Manager.

We only work with the most reliable tradespeople that will complete the job to the required standard. We have a list of various different tradespeople who understand the importance of our work and take the utmost care in their work.


We work in unison with a local sales team that is well-known, trusted and boasts over 50 years combined Real Estate experience.

Our Sales team not only know and understand the sales process, but also understand the needs of Landlords as they themselves have been Landlords too.

Our team can work closely with Landlords who are looking at either:

  • Growing their portfolio further through strategic purchasing of property that will yield a great return on investment and be low-maintenance.
  • Selling their rental portfolio and getting the best possible price to maximise on your investment return.
  • Getting an appraisal to understand where the market currently sits and whether expansion or sale is the best move for the future.

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