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Conjunctional Transaction Report

Please note..

Once you have a fully signed and dated sale and purchase contract, please complete the transaction report and submit it.  Please ensure all related documentation are uploaded to VaultRE prior to submitting this form.  It is the listing salesperson's responsibility to submit the transaction report.  Transaction reports without all related documents uploaded into VaultRE, will not be processed.

Please complete the Conjunctional Sales Transaction Report Form

This CONJUNCTIONAL TRANSACTION REPORT relates to the sale and purchase contract on*

Listing Reference Number*

Salesperson submitting this Transaction Report*

Please confirm the External Agency & Listing Agent Name

Sale and Purchase agreement date (Contract date)*

On what date is this agreement to go unconditional?*

What date is settlement planned?*

What is the sale price?*

Deposit amount payable*

Please enter the agreed commission split with External Agency*

Please confirm you have provided the signed Conjunctional Agreement to Admin?*

Vendors Full Legal Name

Vendor contact email address*

Vendor's Solicitor Details*

Purchasers Full Legal Name

Purchaser's contact email address*

Purchaser's Solicitor Details*

I declare that the information submitted is true and complete*

Notes - eg. Conjunctional sale details, building report, extra clauses

Thanks for submitting!

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